Supportive from day one

Dr *** has been lovely and supportive from day one. I was very apprehensive both for the video call and any potential treatments but she was great. Talking to someone that knows their stuff is always very reassuring in itself but she is also a great listener and very informative.

The medication didn't live up to the scare stories I had been told from people that are less informed. I feel calm, in control of myself and I've had massive quality of life improvements because of this.

I'm incredibly grateful that this service exists and that they have people like *** working for them.

TH March 28, 2019

Took me seriously

After lots of poor care from the NHS this doctor listened to me and took me seriously for the first time in ages. I know that I present as fully functioning so it has been difficult to get anyone to believe how debilitating my depression has been. Dr Adil totally got me and listened to what I was saying. I can't make any suggestions to improve the service. It was easy to make an appointment and even when my first appointment couldn't go ahead the staff helped me choose another doctor and made everything easy for me. Dr Adil had access to genetic testing to all them to tailor my anti-depressants to my dna and he called me the day he got the results which was fantastic. He communicated really quickly with my GP and I got the treatment I needed to improve my depression.

I Want Great Care January 2, 2019


Dr [-] provides a video-link clinic and is a very highly qualified ADD specialist. After waiting an interminable time for an NHS Adult AD(H) D assessment I opted to go privately. Dr [-]'s costs are much lower in his video link clinic than other providers: £300 for the assessment, £110 for weekly email triation (not per week but for all of it), and then about £150 for the follow up appointment before handover to GP. I had to complete a form requiring detailed information about my symptoms and history. A family member had to complete a form about me too. Dr [-] then carried out a very thorough assessment lasting an hour before confirming my diagnosis.

He was very professional, personable and conscientious. Having established that I definitely suffer from ADD, he prescribed Elanse (Lisdexamfetamine) on a steadily increasing dose and advised me it might take some time to work. However, in my case the effects were near instant and fantastically (miraculously!) good. I feel well for the first time I can remember: calm, energised, able to concentrate, focused and much more besides.

Even my hearing has improved. And I have every reason to be confident that these benefits will only increase as my dose increases. This is the only medication that has effectively addressed the terrible anxiety I was feeling (anxiety can be caused by ADD/ADHD). I feel natural and have a focused calm mind for the first time I can remember.

Anon November 5, 2018

Chat at home…

It’s so great being able to chat with a professional whilst in your own home and at such convenient times. The sessions are always very productive and Dr [-] is so easy to chat to and provides practical advice that really works. I really feel like he cares about my progress.

C October 23, 2018


Dr [-] made me feel extremely comfortable. He listened and showed great interest with my issues. He has also been accessible to talk to via email and whats app which has been a massive support to me over an extremely intense time in my life. I cannot recommend Dr [-] and Psychiatry-UK enough. Highly recommended service! I am very grateful!

SC October 18, 2018


I would recommend Dr [-] as a doctor that can be trusted, through her listening skills, empathy, questioning and all round professionalism.

Anon December 15, 2017


The videoconference meetings were the best option for me as it was sometimes difficult for me to get out of my flat, and to me, it felt just as if we were in the same room in a face-to-face consultation

Anon December 15, 2017

JF, Solicitor

I was highly impressed with [ ] as an expert. She was approachable, very quick to react and excellent with my client. [ ]went out of her way to prepare a report quickly and professionally. The report itself was both measured and of great assistance. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an expert.

JF, Solicitor December 15, 2017


My G.P referred me to the ADHD clinic at the Maudsley hospital in london. However, I soon realised that the waiting list was 6 months...and I simply could not wait.I found Psychiatry-UK online and decided to pay for a consultation... I am always anxious when it comes to talking to doctors but I found the whole experience with Dr [-] to be very reassuring.

Anon December 15, 2017


I can thank enough. Made me feel totally comfortable .listen and I feel at last my life is easier thank you so much.

November 25, 2017

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