If you suspect you may have ADHD, please find more information on how you can access an NHS-funded appointment with Psychiatry-UK

Psychiatry-UK is the fastest, most discreet, and most convenient way to safely access GMC registered psychiatrists and psychiatric support services in the UK.

This is because our online services are far more readily available than face-to-face meetings with the same practitioners via ‘normal’ NHS pathways, which inevitably involve long waiting lists.


The good news is that in many cases you have a good chance of getting NHS funding to see a psychiatrist from Psychiatry-UK, however, sadly, the bad news is that it may take quite some time to get approval.

We will provide all the support we can to any of our patients who wish to seek NHS funding for all, or part of their diagnosis and treatment. However, funding is provided locally, via your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), so you will need to have an engaged local GP with whom we can work to seek such payment for your treatment from the NHS.

In theory, you could obtain funding for your diagnostic assessment as the service is provided by Psychiatry-UK LLP which is a qualified provider of services to the NHS, registered with the CQC and a designated medical body, regulated by the GMC. Unfortunately, with mental health services, choice is limited to providers who already have a contract to provide services to your local Clinical Commissioning Group – which means that the only services that you can receive are those that are locally available.

However, we would be very interested in supporting you and your GP in approaching your local CCG to obtain funding if there is no local specialist service in your area, or if you have a good reason to need a rapid assessment and diagnosis – for instance, if you are soon to go to university or you have recently started at university, or if you have specialist language needs.

Patient Choice

NHS funding is definitely available for some of the online therapy services that we offer if you have a specialist medical diagnosis from us – and we can help you with an approach to your GP surgery to discuss this with them. We then provide your GP with a priced, bespoke, medically overseen, multi-disciplinary approach to managing any chronic mental health condition online over a following 12 month period.

NICE guidelines state that patients with such a chronic condition should be referred to suitable specialist services by their GP if a suitable program is not available or accessible locally, a patient can exercise their right to patient choice, to obtain funding using their personal health budget.

For conditions such as Adult ADHD where specialist coaching is necessary, or for those who can be helped through access to specialist language skills or for whom access to culturally sensitive approaches might work, our online services are perfect.

Do I qualify for funding?

Please complete our NHS Funding Application Form and we will respond within 72 hours with advice on the possibility of obtaining funding. If we believe that you have a good case, we will then write to your GP on your behalf to set the ball rolling.

Once your GP’s has agreed to sponsor your funding application to your local CCG it can then be submitted.

Recent patient feedback

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NHS services are so patchy that getting a referral to a Consultant Psychiatrist or skilled therapist to help with psychological, emotional or behavioural problems seems almost impossible.  For that reason, Psychiatry UK has been a lifeline to my family for the last 18 months.

The admin support team is terrific and help has been at hand really fast - including within 24 hours in an emergency situation.  

All the medical professionals we've consulted online have been of the highest calibre and supremely skilled and experienced.  This has enabled us to access the right treatment virtually straight away and with the reassurance of ongoing support in the future.