Perhaps you have been approached by a patient asking you to make a private referral to us (we do not take on children or adolescents without the involvement of a GP.)

Alternatively, you may have heard about us from Myhealthspecialist, the GP peer recommendation site, or from one of your other patients.

Whether you are a GP in private practice or in the NHS, your patients may benefit from a private consultation with us:

  • If there is lack of a specific local NHS service such as ADHD or perinatal
  • If there is a specific service that we can provide such as specialist language skills
  • Because of confidentiality issues around subjects like alcohol and other drug related issues
  • If you require a second opinion
  • If your patient feels that they need access to more intensive or specialist therapy than is locally available
  • If your patient does not wish to be put on a long NHS waiting list and would prefer to pay to have a private consultation
  • Because of the convenience of accessing our services.

Whatever the reason, we recognise that this will take you time and effort for which you will require recompense. In return for completing the referral forms that we will provide you, when the consultation is booked, we will pay you an admin fee of £30.

We are always happy to talk about whether we can help more of your patients and if you could see a benefit in having your own link to our system to make further referrals, we can discuss how that might work for you by setting up your own online clinic.

To make a referral please complete the initial online referral form on this page or call us on 033 0124 1980 to speak to one of our team if you would like to discuss this further.

The Private Patient Referral Process

  1. Complete the initial online referral form, including your GMC number and contact details, the basics of the  the patient’s needs, and their email address.
  2. Our admin team will then contact both you and the patient directly.
  3. They will take your bank details and to show you how to complete the referral.
  4. They will take payment from the patient and you will receive your admin fee.
  5. Once the appointment has been booked by our admin team, the referral will be automatically sent to the relevant psychiatrist.
  6. The appointment will then be confirmed directly between the patient and psychiatrist.
  7. You will then receive email confirmation from Psychiatry UK when the time, date, and psychiatrist involved has been agreed with the patient.
  8. You will receive a further email confirmation that the consultation has happened successfully.
  9. You will receive a letter/report from the psychiatrist within 14 days,  The report will be copied to the patient.

GP Referral Form

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Patient's Address
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