Genetics and Depression

It’s never been clear why certain individuals are more vulnerable to depression or why some medications or other treatments such as electrical stimulation of the brain work for some but not others. Although environmental and social factors play a major role in many cases of depression, genetics are also now known to be crucially important.

However, though researchers are now looking at our genes to get some answers, depression has proven largely resistant to this approach. A recent analysis of the DNA of 300,000 people in the UK, the biggest of its kind, identified almost 80 genes that could be involved in depression though some particular genetic mutations have been identified as definitely increasing the risk of a disorder.

Another direction – and one that is much more practically applicable to use in treating depression – is AI (Artificial Intelligence). By using a large database of information on age, gender, education, origin, occupation, and anything else that they find relevant, along with someone’s DNA , we can predict who will respond positively to particular treatments and that is the model used by the Predictix system.

The Predictix Test

The Predictix Test is our new medically managed AI/Genetic Testing Service for depression sufferers.

At any one time, perhaps 20% of us are struggling with depression. Antidepressants can’t solve everything, but they often help, especially in the early stages of treatment when trying to get on top of the problem. Unfortunately, identifying the right medication is a matter of trial and error and can take some time. Many people have to try two or three different antidepressants before they find one that works. This can often take months, and this may leave patients feeling far worse before they start to feel any better. As a result, far too many people give up hope before finding the best medication for them.

The best way to reduce your suffering is by finding which antidepressant is most likely to be effective for you, quickly, and discreetly. We now have the technology to do this.

Saving time, saving money and reducing suffering

Psychiatry-UK is proud to be at the forefront of the use of technology to improve the lives of patients. Our job is to treat mental illness, and the biggest mental health issue that most people face is depression. Unfortunately the usual first line treatment, antidepressants, take time to start being effective, and the only way to find out which one will work has been trial and error.

Far too many people give up before finding the best medication for them because of the time it takes. At present, 65% of patients fail to achieve remission following their first time antidepressant treatment and 30% of patients quit their first-time treatment when ineffective, followed by another 30%, with their second-course of treatment. All in all, only 60% of people get positive effects from antidepressants within two months. We can now change that.

What is Predictix?

We have been taking part in an innovative trial, bringing genetic screening technology to the UK. Using this system, called Predictix, allows our doctors to determine which antidepressant medication is likely to be most effective for our patients far more rapidly than the traditional trial and error method.

We have been testing the system for the last few months and are most impressed by the results. Now that the initial trial is complete we are making the service available to all patients. The simple non invasive DNA sample (saliva test) and a brief, online interview with a psychiatrist trained in the process are all it takes for the Predictix AI software to analyse your personal data.

This new Predictix service will result in far faster initial treatment of depression and therefore much more effective. That will therefore reduce your overall suffering, as well as reducing the overall cost of treatment that the delays that multiple trials of different drugs can cause.

You can read more in our blog post on the subject of DNA testing for depression.

What is the scientific basis behind the test?

By using Artificial Intelligence to test health information on millions of people to match patterns in DNA against clinical outcomes, clinicians can more effectively target treatment, without needing to pick out which individual or combinations of genes are the blue ones. This Predictix service therefore results in far faster initial treatment of depression.

What is the process for treatment?

The process is very simple. Book an appointment and Predictix test by ringing us. You will receive a genetic test kit in the post, first class, enabling you to rapidly do a simple saliva test that you can return in the prepaid envelope – and leave the rest to us.

Within days you will be seen by a specialist consultant with whom you will have a normal consultation during which the doctor will also run through a very short questionnaire.

The lab will analyse the sample within a week, and your consultant will review the results and get in touch with you for a second appointment to discuss what medication might best suit you immediately. This will allow you to start on the road to recovery within days.

How to Book…

The Predictix service costs £450 for the test and another £450 for the two consultations with your psychiatrist, making a total of £900. The genetic test can be completed in little more than a week, so you can complete the process in around 10 days.

If you are depressed and want a formal diagnosis and the best possible treatment, please don’t hesitate.

If you have any further questions please call us on 033 0124 1980 or use the Predictix Contact Form on this page.

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