GMC Number: 3239054

I have worked in Psychiatry since 1983, and qualified as a psychiatrist in 1987. I have worked for many years as a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director in both Ireland and Canada, in a number of different subspecialities. I completed an MD doctorate in Alcohol research in 1994. Subsequently I worked in General Adult, Liaison, Psychiatric Intensive Care, and Old Age Psychiatry.

I completed an MBA with a focus on improving mental health services by listening to our patients, their relatives and their family doctors. I try to be collaborative and empathic in dealing with patients and families and I particularly enjoyed working for many years as a specialist in Old Age Psychiatry.

I strive to offer a combination of comprehensive assessment, experience and empathy in my practice. I am very open to working with concerned family members, where appropriate, and particularly so in these times of public health restrictions on movement.