If you are a Consultant Psychiatrist who would like to think about working outside the NHS, either full time or part time, then you are welcome to contact us to discuss joining the chamber. Needless to say, any such enquiries will be treated completely confidentially. Anyone who joins the partnership will have to either work for an agreed period as an associate or purchase their partnership.

Before accepting any new associates or partners we would want you to undergo an informal peer appraisal by the existing members where you would primarily be judged in terms of your compatibility with our philosophy and the ethos of our Chamber. However, we are looking for potential partners, not employees and therefore the process of joining is about a meeting of equals, not an interview for a job.

For those who are suitable

  • We have no expectations that you will work exclusively within the partnership.
  • We would expect to supply you with complete clerical back-up from highly experienced and competent medical secretaries
  • We would expect you to be part of an exciting and dynamic team of mutually supportive consultant psychiatrists, working together as partners to supply a new type of service to improve the lives of psychiatric patients.
  • For those who are or who intend to work completely outside the NHS, we will help by supplying all of the necessary facilities for the partners to remain in good standing with the regulatory bodies.

Please contact us or telephone: (+44) 33 0124 1980

Our Address should you wish to write is:

PO Box 329, Dewsbury, WF13 9DN