An idea whose time has come

We started thinking about the idea of psychiatrists working online using video technology as far back as 2009 and we’ve now developed a complete model for providing our specialist medical consultations and ongoing psychological support using secure video links.

The model for Psychiatry-UK LLP is a chamber – like a chamber of lawyers or accountants. It allows qualified psychiatrists who work to our standards and on our system to build their own online practices. The chamber is owned and run by the members as a GMC designated medical body. Our primary business is the provision of online medical treatment and risk management services with named doctors taking responsibility for all patients on our system, including those receiving treatment from multidisciplinary services working under our supervision.

Our doctors can live anywhere in the world, and we can see patients from anywhere in the world, (though they do have to fulfil certain conditions for us to agree to take them on). We run a secure medical record system on a UK based server, using a secure VC system which is compliant with all medical security compliance legislation.

We have an adaptable front facing referral route, allowing adaptation to multiple settings; anything from our direct to public self referral service to our NHS primary care service and including corporate, educational, and third sector models.

We are excited about the future of telepsychiatry as we believe that psychiatry is uniquely suited to online provision as the discretion and convenience is so appreciated by our patients.