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Online Psychiatric Consultations

All Psychiatry-UK LLP psychiatrists are UK registered consultants who work in both the NHS and the private sector and have a diverse range of experiences and sub-specialties.

We provide a quick, simple, supportive means to provide you with a diagnosis and recommendations for your mental health through an online video assessment from the comfort of your own home, using your own computer, tablet or phone.

We all share a desire to provide easy access to high quality and cost effective consultant-led advice for those who have concerns about their mental health. And as doctors, we also have the ability to prescribe suitable medication, where required.

We take an initial deposit before a consultation of £100. This will give you up to half an hour with the consultant of your choice and if all you want is some advice, this is all you pay. However, if you need medication, a letter setting out an opinion for you or your GP - or any other support, we will charge you more. It is impossible to give detailed estimates as all cases are different - but you only pay for the time the doctor actually spends on your case. There is no cheaper way of accessing a private psychiatrist. If you would like to explore the idea further, please read our page on the subject of private consultations.

Psychiatry-UK LLP is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC Registration Number 1-697998342)

Need some advice first?

Make an initial enquiry if you would like to talk to one of our specialist advisors before booking an online consultation

A recent testimonial...

“My experience of Psychiatry - UK has been unreservedly positive. The initial contact with the support staff was stress free and they were able to quickly and helpfully match me up with a consultant based on my symptoms and preferences, arranging an appointment within a matter of days.

I actually found the ability to speak to the consultant via video link preferable to seeing someone in person – being in comfortable surroundings with some notes to help my train of thought to ensure I touched on everything I wanted was very beneficial.

I felt I was able to discuss everything I wanted to and the copy of the letter to my GP. which I received the next day via e-mail, summed up everything perfectly and was an accurate reflection of the consultation, my history and symptoms.  I also received an e-mail later on the evening following my appointment with some additional comments and links to studies in relation to topics we had discussed – unexpected but gratefully received and a nice touch”

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